My Favorites of 2021

Collage of Taylor's favorites from 2021

2021: out. 2022: so in. But despite the change from old year to new year, I can't forget to shoutout my favorite things from the last twelve months of my life. The list is short, but, boy, have these things gotten me through the year!I've put together a list of my favorite books, beauty products, podcasts, and accessories that I couldn't live without in 2021. Honestly, some of these (ahem, Sinisterhood) have been favorites well before 2021, and I know they'll stick around with me in 2022 too.Now, let's get into some of my favorites! Favorite Books of 2021[...]


Recipe: Curl Up with a Cup of London Fog-Inspired Gingerbread Tea This Holiday Season

Blume Gingerbread Tea and Christmas Mug

Let’s sum up my perfect winter day: I’m curled up on the couch with a soft blanket, fuzzy socks keeping me warm, The Santa Clause on repeat on the TV, and a hot cup of gingerbread tea in my hands. Last year, I would’ve said hot cocoa (maybe with a splash of Rumchata, who’s judging?), but this year I’m switching it up with a cup of London Fog-inspired gingerbread tea.I got sucked in by a targeted Facebook ad (surprise) for Blume a few weeks ago, and I immediately placed an order for the Gingerbread Blend and the Rose London Fog Blend. I can be convinced t[...]


10 Books to Read this Holiday Season (2021)

Woman sitting on a blanket with a book and Christmas cookies

There's nothing like cozying up with a good book, a soft blanket, and a cup of hot cocoa during the winter and holiday season (bonus points if your Christmas tree is in your direct line of sight or if you have the fireplace going). I'm hoping to spend a lot of my spare time reading this winter, so I made a list of the books (mostly feel-good, holiday love stories) that will be filling up my Kindle app in the coming months. Heads up, At the time of making this list, I've not read any of these books. These books were all selected based on my interest in the d[...]

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