My Favorites of 2021

Collage of Taylor's favorites from 2021

2021: out. 2022: so in. But despite the change from old year to new year, I can't forget to shoutout my favorite things from the last twelve months of my life. The list is short, but, boy, have these things gotten me through the year!I've put together a list of my favorite books, beauty products, podcasts, and accessories that I couldn't live without in 2021. Honestly, some of these (ahem, Sinisterhood) have been favorites well before 2021, and I know they'll stick around with me in 2022 too.Now, let's get into some of my favorites! Favorite Books of 2021[...]


DIY Holiday Patch Sweatshirt

Taylor sitting in a chair in her DIY holiday patch sweatshirt

"Woe is me." – me looking in my closet a few days before Christmas deciding that I've got nothing to wear. Tossing my usual dramatics aside, I came up with a DIY last-minute that's surprisingly easy and the perfect amount of festive and fashionable. Catch me wearing this on Christmas morning sipping on my Gingerbread Tea Latte. You can choose your color combinations and  any word or phrase you'd like to whip up this DIY holiday patch sweatshirt, so it's completely custom to you! What You Need An iron A ruler Iron-on letter patches (I got mine he[...]